Privacy Policy

1. Who We Are

Cybrid Canada Inc. is a Canadian federal corporation headquartered in Ontario (“Cybrid”). This privacy policy sets out our approach to privacy, personal information, data security, and our legal obligations as a Canadian company, with respect to your use of our products and services. 

2. Our Approach To Privacy

As a Canadian company, we abide by Canadian privacy law. But we view privacy laws as the starting point. Our customers are leaders in the financial services space and we set out standards for data security and privacy accordingly. We bake privacy and security into our products, services, APIs, and business practices. We minimize data collection where possible, while balancing the need to provide industry-leading anti-fraud and compliance solutions. 


3. Why We Collect Personal Information

We collect personal information from business partners, customers, users, and the public where necessary to provide services, where required by law, and also for our own business purposes. 

4. What We Collect

We collect different types of information from different classes of stakeholders. From our business partners and customers we may collect detailed information as part of our onboarding and know-your-customer requirements. In contrast, a user who visits our website is not required to provide any personal information. We collect personal information, and gather other information that is not related to a specific person, such as IP address, through forms, email, and other means of electronic communication. In most cases, the information that we collect is explicitly identified to you as a user, and in other cases it is collected according to industry standard means such as the use of third-party analytics code embedded within our products and services.

5. Pseudonymous And Anonymous Identifiers

In some cases we collect anonymized or anonymous information, including through the use of third party services, that could potentially be related to a specific person, in order to improve our products and services, or to communicate with our stakeholders. Where feasible, we make use of aggregate information and de-identified information for statistical analysis.

6. Blockchain Data

Blockchain transactions on public blockchains are inherently public data. Transactions that we carry out on your behalf will be transmitted to nodes and become a part of the particular blockchain on an indefinite basis. Cybrid does not control any public blockchain and has no way of deleting information that is made public through the process of on-chain transactions.

7. Email Communications

Cybrid complies fully with Canadian anti-spam laws, which are some of the most stringent rules in the world. We take commercially reasonable steps to ensure the safety of your email address, name, and other information related to email communications. Your contact information will only ever be used for the purposes which are identified clearly, and otherwise where permitted by law and in accordance with reasonable expectations. 

You may unsubscribe from any email list at any time, and we encourage you to speak with us if there has been a mistake or error in sending you an email that you did not want to receive.

8. Data Practices And Security

We treat personal information, and the information that relates to our users, customers, and partners, with the utmost care. We make use of encryption where possible, and limit access to information within our company to those who are required to have it as part of their position. In order to deliver the high-level of service that our customers expect, we sometimes make use of third-party contractors, and when we do, we require them to follow our standards and agree contractually to protect  confidential information. All of our employees are bound to protect confidential information as a key part of their role.

9. Anti-Money Laundering And Other Legal Obligations

Canadian law requires certain practices with respect to information that override the general statements made in this privacy policy, especially with respect to anti-money laundering law. Cybrid strictly upholds Canadian law and is committed to the fight against the abuse of the financial system by criminals. In some cases we may be required by law to disclose your information to law enforcement or government agencies, and we may be required to withhold informing you of this fact. Where legally permitted, we provide notice to users and customers regarding orders to disclose personal information to the government, law enforcement, and courts.

10. Access And Corrections

You may write to us to obtain access to your personal information (after proving your identity so as not to disclose information to someone other than the person to whom the request relates). You may also write to us to inform us of errors in the data that we have on file for you, although we encourage users to make use of our electronic platform to make changes where possible. 

11. Questions, Comments, and Legal Notice

You may reach our privacy officer by writing to Please contact us if you have any questions about our data or privacy practices, have comments on our products and services, or for any other inquiry related to this privacy policy.